candida diet food list

A snapshot of all the things you can eat during the candida diet

You can literally enjoy as many of these foods as you like as they are incredibly good for you and promote your healing.

It might not seem like it but there are actually delicious foods that you are allowed to eat!

But it’s not so much what you CAN eat, as I can almost hear you thinking “But what about all those foods to avoid?”.

“I won’t be able to eat ANYTHING!”

Easy tiger, you’ll be fine.

I’ll show you some simple & mouthwatering recipes that will tide you over until your taste buds have got used to your new diet.

But before I’ll let you familiarise yourself with the Candida Diet Food List that might soon enough be the base for your next shopping list…

…remember that there are many different variations of Candida Diets out there – They all allow you slightly different foods to eat.

This is very confusing at first. But it’s just like every other diet. There is not 1 size fits all.

Just like there are conflicting opinions in your family about what tastes nice and whether coffee, chocolate or meat are good for you.

There are different camps amongst the candida sufferers who have their very own ideas of what helped them and what didn’t.

So if you feel like you cannot stick to this candida diet food list unless you slightly adapt it – that’s fine. Go ahead.

It’s important that your new diet fits your beliefs and your life-style.

Don’t worry though, 96% of this Candida Diet Food List everyone agrees on. (controversial items are highlighted in italic). And if you are unsure about including a certain food item then just ask me ???? Don’t be shy.

Protein-rich Foods that you can eat

  1. Eggs
  2. Fish
  3. Poultry (preferably fresh & organic)
  4. Bacon (un-smoked)
  5. Feta, Goats-cheese or Tofu (mozzarella in small amounts towards the end of the diet)
  6. Probiotic yogurt, best goats or sheep yogurt (as this is easier to digest).

Some clarification on why I think yogurt, feta and bacon are ok to eat:

Some people don’t allow any dairy on this diet. This is something you need to decide for yourself. There is no right or wrong way.

Pro Eating Yogurt and Feta:

The diet is hard enough as it stands. Yogurt & feta are great sources of protein and as such when you combine them with a small amount of carb they will fill you up until your next meal. So it’s much easier to stick to the rest of this candida diet food list and not give into naughty snack temptations.

Say about yogurt what you want but it’s undeniable that it promotes bowel movements which is a clear issue for most candida sufferers. Too much info I know, but it had to be said ????

Contra Eating Yoghurt and Feta:

One of the reasons why some people are completely against consuming dairy products is its specific protein structure which makes it hard to digest for humans. Especially cows yogurt can lead to bowel problems like lose stools and bloating in sensitive individuals.

On the candida diet of course you also have to worry about the remainingmilk sugar in the dairy product which can still aggravate your yeast problem. Less so with goats cheese than with milk, but still. Every little adds up…

My experience with eating yogurt & feta on the diet:

I personally noticed that eating yogurt or feta cheese to begin of phase 3 did not agree with me very well at all (more sinuses problems mainly). It was months into phase 3 that I noticed no problem when eating it. These days I stick to goats/ sheeps yogurt when I eat it and still limit myself to just a few spoons full. By the way there are huge differences in taste in goats jogurts (they are not all pungent and runny) – I found one that is just like greek yogurt it’s from Woodland Dairy. I avoid cows milk/ yogurt alltogether and I am very intrigued by the idea of making Kefir. I have heard that it helps to bring the yeast problem under control. You can make it with water, rice milk or coconut milk. Not just with cows milk.

Conclusion: Small Amounts of Yogurt & Feta are ok

  • Don’t eat yogurt, feta or goats cheese at the beginning of the diet- it would slow your recovery down. It should agree better with you from phase 3 onwards.
  • If you do decide to have some, stick to no more than 2- 4 tablespoons and don’t eat it every day.
  • Try it with desiccated coconut, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and puffed rice  – yum – ok, it took me a while to grow to like it, but your taste buds adapt, promise!

Why I also include Bacon on my Candida Diet Food List:

Regarding the bacon: Cured meat is not healthy, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you this is the optimum diet. All I’m saying is if you are used to eating a lot of hams and meats like I am (hey, I come from Sauerkraut land – I had no choice ???? then you can still eat it occasionally.

I tend to sprinkle some grilled bacon over cauliflower soup or omelette about twice a week, and I’m prepared to live with that vice as I really enjoy it and I’m sticking to the candida diet food list in every other respect.

All Veggies are allowed on our candida diet food list

  1. Salad (avoid the mixed prepacked variety)
  2. Onions, leek, garlic, Bragg’s seasoning, organic tomato paste/ tinned tomatoes (as long as no citric acid)
  3. Green & Leafy Vegetables

4. Sweet & Starchy Veg like butternut squash, potatoes

  • combine with green veg or salad and seeds to keep blood-sugar levels constant
  • best eaten from phase 3 of the candida diet on-wards and only small amounts e.g. 2 small potatoes as a side dish
  • choose cold potatoes over baked potatoes – lower glycaemic index

More Yeast-Free Foods for you to try

Legumes and heart-warming soups make up a big part of our candida diet food list because they are the ideal comfort food.

  1. Beans & lentils (from phase 3 on-wards)
  2. Chickpea flour dishes like onion bhajis (occasionally as fried foods are not good for you…)
  3. Yeast-free stock
  4. Soups, Stews, Quiches

Candida Diet Food List Ideas For Vegans

  • Increase the intake of dark green vegetables and sea vegetables like nori and wakame – they are higher in protein.
  • Small amounts of tofu are ok.
  • Protein powders like pea protein or preferably even hemp seed protein are good.
  • Chickpeas make a great addition to a lot of dishes and as a snack as a meat substitute.
  • Rice milk and almond milk are great milk alternatives and you could have a small amount of soya yogurt if you like (coconut yogurt is great during the later stages of the diet, not initially).

A few Real Treats for Phase 3 of your diet

  1. Soda bread made from wholemeal flour (spelt flour preferably or rice flour) with coconut oil (no yeast)
  2. Sugar free homemade cakes and biscuits
  3. Grains (Buckwheat, Millet, Spelt, Quinoa, Amaranth) Best to rotate grains, wash thoroughly, cook properly and eat only small amounts to avoid allergy symptoms. Be careful. (brown rice agreed with me best)
  4. Brown pasta: Chickpea, Blackbean, Spelt or Rice pasta are best, so are Soba noodles which take the shortest time to cook (corn pasta can cause symptoms)

Some filling snacks to tame your cravings

What use would a candida diet food list be without at least a few snacks when you get ravenous?! Here are a few quick to prepare and filling treats for you to try:

  1. Porridge Oats with Rice milk, cinnamon and shelled hemp seeds(occasionally from phase 3 if it agrees with you; from my experience you’ll heal quicker the less grains you eat- I say that with a tear in my eyes since I LOVE porridge, granola, breads…).
  2. Brown Rice with Coconut Oil
  3. Rice milk with desiccated coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and cinnamon
  4. Freshly cracked nuts and seeds
  5. Hummus and veg sticks

4 Not so healthy Snacks that are just about allowed on our Candida Diet Food List once in a while

  1. Brown Rice Cakes/ Corn Cakes, Pop Corn (1-2 corn cakes/ a handful of Popcorn)
  2. Puffed rice
  3. Nachos, Tacos (in moderation – well as far as possible – aim for no more than 2 helpings )
  4. Almond butter
  5. Carob chocolate (no more than 1-2 pieces)

A word of warning about making your own chocki snacks from cocoa:

These might not have any sugar in it but since the cocoa stimulates your adrenals, this triggers your body to release sugar from your cells into the blood stream where it can encourage candida to grow. It also plays havoc with your bio clock, overriding your feeling of tiredness… zapping up nutrients and bringing the digestive processes to a standstill, promoting constipation, which in turn can trigger more candida. Not to mention, that you’d be craving more sweets, coffee, tea… very quickly to maintain the elated feeling the chocki snack gives you.

That’s why I didn’t include any home-mode coco snacks in this candida diet food list although they are of course delicious, healthy and ideal to curb your appetite and elevate your mood. Now you know, and there’s no reason you couldn’t once in a while enjoy a snack like that instead of bought sweets. Just not ALL the time ????

Try to eat mostly alkaline foods. This will help you beat Candida faster. Alkaline foods are mostly salad and vegetables and almonds, in other words limit your meat intake.

List of Hot Drinks that are allowed on our yeast-free Diet

  1. Green tea
  2. Chamomile Peppermint tea (calms nerves and aids digestion)
  3. Ginger tea (double thumb size piece of ginger chopped and boiled in 1 liter + of water)

Hot Detox Drinks that are part of every good Candida Diet Food List

  1. Warm water (cooking the water for 20 minutes or longer makes it alkaline, very good for you)
  2. Nettle Mullein Tea (good detox, combats cold symptoms, not sold in stores – have to buy it lose and mix yourself)
  3. Hot lemon
  4. Dandelion Root coffee (not the granules they contain sugar)
  5. Pau D’arco tea

 List of Cold Drinks that you can drink

  1. Filtered or ionised water (lots of it!)
  2. Rice milk and almond milk (soya milk occasionally if you like)
  3. Apple cider vinegar drink (2 tea spoons of cloudy acv diluted in a glass of water – drink on awakening and before/ with every meal-if you can stomach it, some people are sensitive and need to heal those areas first)
  4. Ice-cold sparkling water with fresh lemon juice (refreshing summer drink)
  5. Green juice (glass of water with half a teaspoon of Chlorella powder, a hint of Spirulina and optional: the juice from half a lemon)

Aim to drink at least 2-3 litres of these healthy beverages to help your body flush out candida.

Click here for an overview over the different anti candida diet phases so you know what to expect.

And before you know it the Candida Diet is over and you can enjoy a big cup of cafe latte or hot chocolate again – It’s worth fighting for.

Hey, don’t forget to bookmark this candida diet food list ;-