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8 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System!

If you want to feel on top of the world than a holistic healing approach is the way forward!
That means treating the whole body & mind rather than just localized symptoms. You can achieve amazing things just with slight dietary changes and the use of all natural home remedies such as herbal teas.
Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my best health tips here with you for anything from a stuffy nose to a yeast infection.

Read on to hear the 8 Tips How you can boost your Immune System now!

My Best Home Remedies for Treating Candida Symptoms:

1. Remedies for a Sinus Infection

2. Quick Actions to Get Rid Off Cold Symptoms

3. The Best Natural Remedies (Antifungals) to Kill Candida

4. This Helps if You Have Overindulged in Too Much Food (plus some Natural Hangover Tips)

5. Natural Constipation Remedies

6. The Best Probiotics to Re-Build your Immunesystem

7. Remedies for Dry Itchy or Inflamed Eyes

8. Apple Cider Vinegar – Drink This if You Want to Get Better!

In the meantime: 8 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System
  1. Use spices & herbs
  2. Take herbal remedies to fend off cold
  3. Go for a brisk walk 2x daily
  4. Take hot & cold showers
  5. Kickstart your metabolism
  6. Improve Your Digestion
  7. Add Echinacea on Onset of Cold
  8. Drink plenty of water
Let’s Get to It:
  • Use plenty of spices and herbs in your cooking to fend off colds like tumeric, ginger cayenne pepper and garlic.
  • Take natural herbal remedies (antifungals) like olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano for instance which not only help you heal candida – they also stop any bacterial or viral infection in their tracks.

Top Tip:  To prevent getting ill in the first place: Take olive leaf, grapefruitseed extract or oil of oregano before embarking on a flight, train journey or hour long wait at the doctors or big shopping trip where you are likely to get in contact with sick people.

  • Go for 2 short but brisk walks in the fresh air every day, morning and evening, to pump oxygen around your body.
  • Boost your Immune System with hot & cold showers in the morning – I know, I’m asking the impossible of you here – but you can but try, right 😉
  • Kickstart your Circulation & Metabolism (apple cider vinegar & fresh ginger tea are simple yet effective home remedies – drink every day)
  • Improve your Digestion (I’ve talked about ways how you can do that here. Chlorella for instance is one of the best natural home remedies to alleviate constipation, and Slippery elm powder works wonders for a leaky gut.)
  • Add echinacea tincture to your smoothies or veggy juices as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold coming on – these home remedies appear to lessen the severity and duration of colds and flu.
  • Drink plenty! It can’t be repeated often enough. Good Water is the foundation to your health!

Coming up next: Remedies for a Yeast Infection

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I’ve been battling with a multitude of health issues due to the long term candida problems I’ve had. Over the years I have tried and tested countless treatment approaches and refined my health routines. If you suffer from a long term illness such as Candida you don’t want to be dragged down by a number of secondary infections anywhere in or on your body. The home remedies here will hopefully help you to stay on top of things when you are faced with similar health issues.

All the tips on this page are based on my personal experience and are not meant as treatment advice. Please get qualified advice before following in my foot steps.


  1. Hi Sandra , thanks for the response to my e-mail. I just wanted to clarify with you about something’s.
    1) what stage do I take the milk thistle from and for how long or is it when I have the die off symptom.
    2) do I rotate the antifungal supplement every week for how long , as you mentioned in your book that you took olive leaf extract for a year.
    3) do I start with low strength probiotic first and move on up .
    4) is colostrum safe as I read on Google that it can lower your blood pressure etc . Confused if I should take them as I have got ibs problem but definitely will try the l- glutimine and slippery elm for my inflamed digestive tract . How long should you take to see the response or to heal the gut and which form is better powder or tab , which one did you take.?
    5) is xiyatol and stevia ok on the diet as sugar substitute , if yes then from what stage onward.
    Hope hear from you soon. Take care !!

  2. Being no doctor and in no way qualified to give you advice on this I can only tell you what I might do in your situation. But my health conditions were different from yours so I might mislead you. Please bare that in mind.

    1) I personally would take milk thistle only whenever I do a fast or drink alcohol to support my liver. So I’d take it during stage 1.

    2) If you decide to take strong antifungals like olive leaf and oil of oregano I’d take one of those for a week then the other one for a week and so on.

    If you start with a gentle antifungal (caprylic acid) I’d start on the lowest dosage and take it until you have no symptoms any more when taking three doses of the maximum strength 3 x per day per day. Then move onto the stronger ones above.

    3) I would start the antifungals with stage 2. I’d start the probiotics two weeks after that. I would get Garden of Life’s Primal Defense probios right from the start. They are quite strong yet effective. It might very well be that a doctor would prescribe you stronger ones. I just don’t know. I took weak ones for a long time and I could imagine that taking stronger ones would have sped up my healing. Just take one in the morning for the first few days and see how you feel. If you experience a lot of die off and feel unwell then you can always take less antifungals until your body is accustomed to the probiotics…

    4) I wouldn’t take stuff to heal your gut until way into stage 3 because everytime you take antifungals it rips little holes into your gut where the yeast lived, so you’d patch one up and another one pops up. Fine if you have a lot of money. If not just be aware it can take months until the Candida levels are so low that you can heal for gut. I took the powder and thought that was good (l-glutamin and slippery elm). I sometimes took cocolstrum but was suspicious because I thought that it had milk sugar in it. When I did take it I felt better for it. I believe that when your Candida levels are low it takes only 1-2 weeks to heal the gut.

    5) don’t know the first one, stevia is technically ok all the time. I personally would keep it to a minimum though and only from stage 3 because I believe that all sweeteners interfere with your blood sugar levels and cravings in some way.

    Hope this helps. Wishing you a smooth start into the diet ? Keep in touch

  3. Hi there,
    I have a question. I just seen a homeopathic dr. and she put me on this list all at once and after reading your trials, Sandra, I need a little real direction before taking them all at once.
    Natures Sunshine:
    Ultimate Greenzone – ph alk balancing
    Pau D’Arco 500mg capsules
    Evening Primrose caps 500mg, with 300mg linoleic acid, GLA 40mg
    Colostrum caps 350mg
    Probiotic Eleven caps
    then because I’m trying to get pregnant:
    Natures Sunshine:
    Maca caps 300mg
    Pure Herbs:
    Crampbark & False Unicorn (20 drops)

    what is your best advice on this???
    Seems to be overload?
    I only started Greenzone and Crampbark & False Unicorn so far.

    Help! Thanks

  4. Hi Sunshine ? Do you feel very ill? Are you going to do a fast and then the Candida diet or just taking the supplements? What’s your plan? I understand that you think it’s a lot of stuff to take. That’s totally normal though. All the pills your doc prescribed are good and you could take it all.

  5. Thanks for your reply. There is 5mg of oregano in my tablet that I take so do you still recommend oregano drops? It also contains 10mg of the grapefruit which you recommended. I am presuming my tablets contain whatever is needed been as they are called “total candida defence”… My probiotic is 20 billion so hopefully that is sufficient. Am I doing myself an injustice not using organic food or am I just prolonging things? I do get really really hungry on a night to the point my belly is really rumbling and I struggle to know what to eat so I just go without. I keep reading that it may be ok to eat rice cakes or natural yogurt… I have both in my cupboards but won’t eat either in case it sets me back?? Not sure what to do about snacks because I feel I need something otherwise I might give in and have something really unhealthy. Also I had some food intolerance testing done last year and the list was massive, including gluten, garlic, potatoes, basil, leeks etc etc… Basically garlic is good to use when cooking, so far I have avoided it but I don’t know what to do now I am doing the candida diet? Should I still avoid it been as it was on my food intolerance list or will killing off the candida make me be able to tolerate it again?
    Sorry for all the questions.

  6. Hi Joanne, your diet looks great. You will certainly kill tons of Candida by doing this – even if it doesn’t feel like it now. Not sure how strong the total Candida pills defense pills are. If you have had Candida for a few years I would recommend taking oil of oregano drops to kill the spores. Probiotics are good, the higher the CFO amount the better. 20-50 billion is good. You can take lower ones to begin, that’s fine. Just bear in mind that if you don’t find yourself getting better, it might be an idea to take higher probios to boost your immune system. If money is an issue I would focus on getting the Candida overgrowth down with diet and antifungals first (grapefruitseed extract is one of the most affordable antifungals btw) and then take decent probiotics, otherwise you might just prolong the course of treatment and still end up paying the same amount.

    It’s always a good idea to a good multi vit and mineral complex and fish oil capsules. Vitamin C and magnesium are also beneficial and perhaps Chlorella/ Spirulina and flax oil. I wouldn’t worry about that too much though. If you are feeling fine, then having to remember tons of vits would only stress you more, not to mention the costs.

    See if you can do a deal with a local farmer or grab some last minute at a farmer’s market, you can often get amazing value, you’d be surprised. Perhaps just at the weekend as a treat.

    Well done for not giving into sweets – that’s awesome! Keep it up!

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